Topics of Increasing Interest

While everyone else is jumping on the deep learning bandwaggon, recently I have been increasingly getting interested in the following topics:

  • the intersection between mobility and geocomputation
  • from collaborative information-seeking to collaborative sense-making and personal as well as organizational knowledge management generally
  • machine learning, IR and NLP methods for topic modeling (topic induction, topic taxonomy induction, topic detection & tracking)
  • data, business models, ethics & society
  • new evaluation regimes, e.g. measuring actual productivity gain or “bang for the buck”

What research topics excite you these days?

Learning to Rank Tutorial and QuickRank

Franco Maria Nardini, one of the SIGIR’19 Learning to Rank tutorial designers and presenters, kindly shared these links in subsequent communications, which are going to be helpful to anyone interested in learning to rank.

I can highly recommend these, especially the tutorial materials (4) and QickRank (2), which is implemented in ISO C++, compiles beautifully with cmake, and is a pristine example of a well-engineered and easy-to-use software tool.